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Each Mallorca wedding celebration is unique and should reflect your wishes and style.

For this reason, we, your personal wedding planners, will help you to plan and design each step of the celebration, recommending our trusted vendors and finding the best solution for every detail.

Would you like to celebrate your wedding in Mallorca?

We will love to be your wedding planners!

Next you will find the information about how we work, our philosophy, our team and our services and prices.

Enjoy the real experience



More than 10 years of experience

We founded Appetit Weddings in 2012 and before then we worked planning events in some of the best hotels in Majorca. For this reason, we have real and large experience to put at your service.


Local and Authentic

We are from Mallorca and we work all the year in the island. This means, we are in continuous and personal contact with the vendors and looking for new services. We offer authentic experiences, not tourist packages.


Professional coordination service

On the big day two professional wedding planners will be in site coordinating all the details of the wedding until the end of the party so you can relax and enjoy the celebration.

About us


Marta Wedding planner in Mallorca


Since events are my passion, I have been working on them for years. And still, every new event makes me feel the same butterflies in the stomach of the first day.

I loves fashion, good publicity and sweets, and I had no hesitation in creating Appetit Weddings alongside those I considers the best colleagues

José Luis

I lived many years far from home (studying and working as engineer in Barcelona and Germany), until one day I returned to Mallorca to create together with Marta a company in which to put all my creativity and experience.

I am passionate about music, good gastronomy and discovering special places. 

our planning and coordination service

what’s included?

1 | Venue consulting

In Mallorca you will find a wide range of venues to celebrate your wedding: hotels, farms, beach clubs, restaurants, etc. In addition, within each category the style, views and conditions of the celebration will change.

For this reason, in Appetit Weddings we offer our consulting service to find the perfect place for the celebration of the wedding of your dreams. Adapted to the style, budget, number of guests and season of year.

2 | Wedding planning

We will help you plan, design and organize your wedding from the beginning to the end. Taking care of shaping your big day and puting all your ideas into action.

In addition, we will recommend you the vendors we trust for each service based on the experience we have acquired after many years organizing weddings in Mallorca.

We will arrange all the meetings, food tastings, hair and make-up trials, etc. We will help you absolutely in everything you need for your wedding, so you can enjoy all the planning process.

3 | Event coordination

Of course, we will attend your wedding to coordinate the celebration and be sure that everything goes as we have planned.

You’ll enjoy a professional service offered by our experienced team that will follow all the details and coordinate all the moments of the wedding.

Our wedding planners will accompany you throughout the celebration until the end of the party, so that you can relax and enjoy your big day.


Planning + coordination

What’s included?




Price from: 6.500€* + VAT

*If the wedding has additional organization or coordination needs, the corresponding individual offer will be made.

In private villas the final price will be established after the technical visit to the venue.

4 | Additional events

The wedding celebration is not limited to a single day, and for this reason we will help you with recommendation to celebrate any event you wish during the days around the wedding: a reunion dinner, a trip in catamaran, a party at a beach club, a brunch or any other activity that you want to share with your family and friends.

We will also recommend you hotels with group prices, so you can offer the best accommodation options to your guests.

If you want us to plan any of these events, just tell us every you need and we’ll send you a personal quotation for the additional services.

RATES & PRICES 2024 – 2025

If you just need to find a wedding venue and don’t want to contract our planning+coordination service, we offer you the following options:

VENUE CONSULTING. Our team will help you to find the best wedding venue adapted to the style you like, your budget and the number of guests.

Price*: 300€ + VAT


VENUE VISITS. We will organize the visits to the venues and we will accompany you to answer any questions you may have.

Price*: 30€/hour + VAT


*This fees will be returned if you contract our planning + coordination service.

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